Sometimes, however, bruising is a symptom of a more significant health issue. For confidential advice, tips and online tools, You can talk to a professional adviser by online chat or over the phone or find a list of support services either online or local to you.

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  • The doctor determines how quickly to evaluate people based on their symptoms and other factors.
  • I’m assuming you have medical school background so how about you be helpful and give educated guesses at what might be wrong w the people coming to this blog asking for help.
  • To diagnose unexplained bruising on the legs, a doctor will perform a physical examination and ask the person about whether or not they have a family history of bruising.
  • However, we strongly recommend discussing these bruises with your doctor directly.

If your answer to everyone is going to be to see their doctor then this entire site is a waste of existing lol. People obviously came to this site thinking theyd get real answers and you just tell them to see their doctor like they haven’t thought of that??? Everything I have read as responses are things I, as a 19 year old with no medical school, could have told these people.

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We’ll provide you with screening guidance, trustworthy and researched treatment information, healthy lifestyle advice and the latest approaches to cancer diagnosis and support. It’s not likely, but it’s possible that your bruises are a sign of bloodcancer, such as leukemia.

  • A person who experiences frequent unexplained bruising on the legs should make an appointment to see their doctor.
  • It’s a common complaint that healthcare providers see, and research has noted that easy bruising occurs in 12% to 55% of healthy individuals.
  • It is pain when touched and have a slight bump.

Not sore, no injury…is this something I should be worried about? Bruising occurs along with other bleeding, swelling, extreme pain, especially if taking a blood thinner.

Factors that affect leg bruising

This can happen when walking into furniture, falling or being hit. Stopping alcoholism and bruising abruptly after long-term heavy drinking can also lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which commonly manifests as symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Heavy drinking can lead to easy bruising and bleeding, and not just because you’re more prone to falling and hitting table corners when drunk.

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Bruises that take longer than usual to disappear are another concern. Someone who takes medication and has random bruising should speak to a doctor for advice and to discuss their drug and family medical history. Also, some of the initial symptoms of leukemia include bruising and bleeding, with bruises typically appearing on the back, legs, and hands.


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